I promised…3 dog night

Girls gone wild game drive….so fun. Dana and Katie..two travel experts who are refreshingly smart and funny joined us last night as the other guests we had been driving with had moved on either home or other lodges. A bit of pressure…Lily and I had settled into our dynamic with Tony and Tristan..trusting literally our lives to them…you become fast friends. You must face the readjustment after five life changing game drives with the same souls…Jesus. But, the universe is a wondrous thing….and the laughing and conversation that ensued was nothing short of stomach numbing…right through dinner where we were treated to another amazing meal and mesmerizing African choir singing and dancing. The best part was catching Lily every now and then…staring at the scene..jaw dropped…sponge like..soaking it all in…wearing a perfect smile without knowing anyone was even looking at her. I mean ,I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was all too much to take in so fast…similarly to a negative experience, your brain needs time to catch up to reality. Lions, again. And of course the wild dogs…you guessed it….three of them. And so rare….it was our third sighting of them….the same three gals…the wild dog gals I’m speaking of…there they were just under the wire of darkness… before the first stars draped the cobalt sky. In celebration,when we stopped to watch the dogs disappear into the bush one last time ( for us anyway ) Tristan cut the engine, we all got out, had drinks and lively conversation complete with a ceremonious champagne cork cutting with a machete…beautiful, reminiscent, fitting, traditional…all the things of the past we must keep alive. Special with a capital “S”!!!!! This morning, well…lumpy throat at the thought of leaving, we loaded into LS1 one more time to see four brother lions with their mom….a tough girl, blind in one eye raising these hellions on her own singlehandedly… and is that weren’t enough…although we saw a giraffe two days ago….while we were on foot …we were unable to get a clear shot of it….it was shy…but the moment magical….I would not have traded the moment for anything to hear its graceful hooves canter away from us in the most peace filled and silent of ways…. Of course, as lady luck has been playing out, our car picked us up at camp to escort us to the airport and as we were driving out of Kruger, two beautiful male giraffes came to see us out…they, of course, posed for their anticipated phot shoot. A fitting send off, thanks, fellas. MOTHER NATURE gave us a gift today…and every day really, but today I felt it all the way to my toes. Ahhhhh.











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One thought on “I promised…3 dog night

  1. Liz on said:

    Those lioness eyes are incredible….sitting here just in AWE!

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