Cape Town

Our arrival in Cape Town was bittersweet….leaving the wildness of Kruger, which clearly touched us on many levels, was difficult and so we arrived in Cape Town tired and lackluster. We freshened up and walked out the back alley of our new home for the next few days to find another gift…in the form of a Vietnamese restaurant. Fresh and flavorful veggie rolls wrapped in rice paper wrappers sparked us up and pulled us from our mini depression. During dinner, Lily and I recounted our adventures..laughing and remembering the awesomeness. This morning, I woke early and needed coffee…and I walked out of my room and into the library of the hotel still in my pjs…I was offered a hot cappuccino the moment I encountered Simone, our host. Ok….”I can do this” I thought to myself. I sat down and picked up the Cape Times…Bon Jovi was on the cover…he played here last night….and tonight is Bieber. So, while Lily slept in our room, Simone helped me get caffeinated and buy JB tix. Feeling like I’d turned a corner, we showered, enjoyed breakfast and met Olga, our driver for the day. Although she was possibly the WORST DRIVER ever, we still had fun. No joke…we fed ostriches at an ostrich farm ….random!….drove along the most beautiful coastline on an undulating stretch of satin ribbon like road..think Daniel Craig in a sexy car…it was filmed here….then took a boat to an island to observe seals , saw penguins, collected special stones at the Cape of Good Hope (southern most point on the continent), saw the Atlantic and Indian oceans…then came back to Cape Cadogan to thank God we had made it through the day without Olga killing us. While both Lily and I knew what the other was thinking, the only thing we were able to do was exchange subtle glances and smiles until we were in private and then we just let loose….all worth the car sickness and the story at the end of the day. Onto a huge plate of fettuccine and Bieber in our sights. This ought to be good…..











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2 thoughts on “Cape Town

  1. so amazed by all your adventures, girls. miss you!!!!

  2. Awesome pics! 📷

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