An angel named Mavis

Mavis is a woman who lives in the townships…basically the same as what we might consider a shanty town. There are millions of people who live in these townships with basic shelter by means of a roof and sides…electricity and no running water. There are toilets and basins outside the shacks..incredibly poor. Mavis runs a crèche …a child care service…for children whose parents are working. Her child care program is not subsidized by the government and most parents cannot even afford to pay her, but she says she is doing God’s work…and so she is on a level one can only wonder of! She lives in three….yes, three rooms which she opens up to the children in her township. And ok…here’s the kicker….100 children every day. 100 children…whose lives are brightened by the great, amazing spirit of ONE. Mavis does have some helpers, and when visitors come, they (we) are put to work holding, changing and playing with the little ones…the youngest was 7 months and the oldest 6 years. Humbled to be allowed into the personal space of the locals. Humbled by the joy and smiles on sweet faces despite the poverty. Humbled by the optimism and the god like spirit who is Mavis. Inspired is just a word and nearly not even close to how I am feeling. So I am thinking I may add this word to the theme of this trip. BELIEVE. GRATITUDE. INSPIRED.











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5 thoughts on “An angel named Mavis

  1. SERENA on said:

    So sweet! xo

  2. Sara on said:

    The experiences and memories that you are providing for Lily are priceless, and I’m just happy that i have a glimpse into your adventures!

  3. Tricia on said:

    Only you would go on safari and end up finding Mavis!!! What beautiful, beautiful faces!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!! LOVE IT!! Loads of love to my girls!! XOXO Dishy

  4. Beth Eyre on said:

    Please send the 7th photo to OPRAH magazine. This little girl is the meaning of life….childhood….innocence……..peace. I kissed my screen when I saw her. Thanks for sharing AT and Lil. Shine on! XOXO

  5. Wow. Wonderful pics. What great little faces!

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