Walking with gentle giants

Where to start really? We had an experience yesterday that will be etched in our memories forever…a chance to walk with elephants. To touch them, see them, understand them and be playful with them. The three…Thimbi, Marula and Jambu, were once orphaned elephants from culling operations in South Africa and Zimbabwe….rescued by more angels among us…Doug and Sandy…who have dedicated their lives to raising and protecting the three beautiful creatures. Their daily lives are spent in the bush keeping watch over their family…really, herd. The elephants act as their protection and have run to Doug and Sandy’s aid when lions have threatened the unit. Unbelievable! The coolest bit…is that part of their mission is to educate…and so we were…educated….on quite a level. Thank you, Doug and Sandy, Vanessa and Michael…and of course…thank you to the elephants for their kindness, sense of humor, patience and endearing love towards humans…people and animals doing conservation work together in harmony. Unique and unforgettable.
We moved camps today….after one last game drive to see a beautiful majestic lion….a 90 minute bush flight to a new spot…a lodge overlooking the Chobe river. Sad to say goodbye to all the amazing spirits at Stanley’s Camp, one and all.










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5 thoughts on “Walking with gentle giants

  1. Elephants are awesome!

  2. Beth Eyre on said:

    Bring me back an elephant I want to touch one!

  3. Sara on said:

    I shed tears reading thus another amazing experience you are sharing with all of us back here.Your wonderful written narration as well as pictures, most of us will never really know except through your eyes, continues to leave me in awe!

  4. This may have been my favorite post yet!

  5. Amazing photos!!

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