Lions, picnics and rainbows…seriously? In one day. True.

Perfect last day. A walk with two young lioness at a conservation sanctuary was sooooo cool. We were able to touch them and walk with them only with the guides nearby and a stick in hand…the lions are still young…18 months…so it is safe, however we had to use caution we wouldn’t startle them and them mistake us for breakfast.
Upon delivery back to the hotel,we sat by the pool and read…Lily had to do homework…sorry Lily. Then, a picnic fairy came along and granted us a beautiful, elaborate high tea picnic under a 110 year old mufasa tree, just Lily and I. Dreamy, delicious, indulgent, fancy….Goodwick, our butler made sure that our every need was attended to. I asked Lily to confirm that it was all really happening…I feel so loved. Thank you B2.
Ok…so then….as if…..really….I could’ve died right there and then and been happy….then we took the forty minute stroll to Victoria Falls herself. Magnificent. We were baptized with her rain, inspired by the power and stood in awe of her beauty.
I must be the luckiest girl ever today…because I just cannot imagine any day more special.
Tomorrow we leave Zimbabwe for J’berg to make the long journey back towards Dorset. Homeward bound with grateful hearts.












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4 thoughts on “Lions, picnics and rainbows…seriously? In one day. True.

  1. Wow! I can’t believe you were able to go right up to the lionesses! That must have been amazing! I also love that photo of the rainbow. Check out my travel blog at and follow me on twitter at CaulfieldTravis. Look forward to reading more about your travels!

  2. celia on said:

    So amazing it gave me chills! May you breathe in all of the beauty around you, forever carry it’s image in your mind and magnificence in your heart. ❤ Dorset awaits you with the its loving arms of home.

  3. Uncila on said:

    As brave as the lions are, so are you for having the courage to strike out on such a journey as this! I am so proud of the strong woman you are. (However, I always knew of the strength and the joy you share.) Love and Hugs to you both!! Mom

  4. Sounds like the most perfectly awesome day!

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